anti-gravity aerial yoga hong kong since 2012

AntiGravity® Hong Kong Time Line


  • 2012 - AntiGravity® Fitness Launched in Hong Kong with Christopher Harrison at W Hotel Event with Bodywize Yoga & Spa as our first Training Center Affiliate Partner


  • 2012 - The Aerial Yoga Genre was introduced to Hong Kong by Christopher Harrison creating an explosion of different techniques all using the Aerial Hammock for Yoga  


  • 2013 - AntiGravity® Fitness expanded further into the Fitness and Pilates Industry and partnered with VIM Pilates


  • 2014 - AntiGravity® Fitness Master Instructor Trainer Tamer Begum came to Hong Kong to expand the program, develop the business and brand 


  • 2014 - AntiGravity® Fitness continued to expand into the Fitness and MMA industry and partnered with Epic MMA & Fitness 

  • 2015 - AntiGravity® Fitness and the AntiGravity® Hammock aka Aerial Yoga became a staple yoga program in major corporate gyms and yoga studios throughout Hong Kong 


  • 2016 - AntiGravity® Fitness expanded to 10 Affiliate Licensed Locations across Hong Kong


  • 2017 - AntiGravity® Fitness caught the attention of boutique Yoga and Fitness studios to incorporate the program and partnered with Practice Group, Flex Studio, Yoga Room, and Aerial Dream


  • 2018 - AntiGravity® Fitness became widely known in Hong Kong as the leader of the Aerial Yoga and Suspension Fitness genres and has been featured in South China Morning Post, Sassy Hong Kong, CEO Asia, Asia Yoga, Asia Spa Magazine, 


  • 2018 - AntiGravity® Fitness and the benefits of the technique became recognized by leading Crossfit Gyms to support the athletes with Decompression Training. Crossfit Asphodel became our first Crossfit Gym in Hong Kong to have the AntiGravity® Technique


  • 2018 - AntiGravity® Fitness distribution became much more accessible to local demographics and expanded into more boutique Yoga studios across Kowloon. FAB Yoga Studio became the first AntIGravity® Fitness studio in TST.

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